Custom Monitors - Automatic Thresholds

Automatic thresholds for custom monitors

SQL Rules

Learn more about creating SQL rules

Monte Carlo supports SQL rule creation which allow you to set a custom SQL query to run on a schedule and alert you when the value returned crosses a pre defined threshold, either relative or absolute. It is possible to set the returned value to be either the number of rows return or an actual value calculation. In both cases it is also possible under the β€œSet Threshold” section to set an Automatic threshold.

Choosing this option will cause the values returned by this SQL rules to be tracked by MC’s ML models.

Main advantages:

  • Dynamic thresholds which update if your time series behavior changes.
  • Takes into account seasonality if present.
  • No need to know what the expected β€œanomalous” values are.

Main disadvantages:

  • More conservative than manual thresholds and can miss small changes.
  • Takes about 1 week to train.

SQL Rule ML Threshold

Field Metrics

Learn more about Field Metrics

When configuring a field metrics monitor, you have the option to set automated thresholds. Monte Carlo's machine learning will determine an appropriate threshold for the selected metrics.
Please note that this option is only available when a single table is selected.

Dimension Tracking

MC monitors the frequency of field values (best for low-cardinality fields) and alerts you of unexpected changes in the distribution