Integrate Monte Carlo with your Github to gain visibility into code impact on your data


The Github integration allows customers to

  1. See recent PR history for any tables via the catalog page
  2. Check potentially relevant PRs in the context of an incident via the Incident IQ page


Currently, a dbt integration is needed for the Github integration since it contains information about the mapping between customers' tables to dbt models and their file locations. Follow docs here to set up your dbt integration.

dbt cloud

With data collector v14050, the setup should be automatic and you can follow the Github Integration Setup steps below to enable.

For earlier versions, the remote location of dbt projects needs to be configured manually (see "dbt core" below).

dbt core

Currently, for dbt-core integrations, the remote location of each dbt project needs to be configured using GraphQL API:

mutation updateDbtProjectInfo($uuid: UUID!, $remoteUrl: String, $subdirectory: String) {
    updateDbtProjectInfo(uuid: $uuid, remoteUrl: $remoteUrl, subdirectory: $subdirectory) {
        project {


uuid - dbt project UUID

remoteUrl - e.g. [email protected]:monte-carlo-data/dbt.git

subdirectory - root directory of the dbt project within the repo. e.g. analytics

Github Integration Setup

You can set up the integration by installing an instance of the official MC Github App for your organization.

If you manage multiple Github organizations which all have code relevant to data collected by MC, you need to install the app for each organization.

  1. In Monte Carlo, go to Settings -> Integrations
  2. In “Notifications and Collaborations” section, click on “Create” and then select “GitHub”:

  1. The page will navigate to the Github UI. Select:
    • the organization
    • (optionally) the repositories that will be accessible to MC
  2. Click on “Install and Authorize”
  3. The page will navigate back to Monte Carlo

If you have the “owner” role for Github account, the integration will now appear in the Settings -> Integrations -> Notifications and Collaborations list.

If you are not the “owner”, request will be sent to the Github account owner for approval. Once the owner approves, the integration will appear in the Settings -> Integrations -> Notifications and Collaborations list.


Warnings for non Github "owner" requested setup workflow

If the installation request has been sent for approval to the Github account owner, the setup will be successful only if the owner is a Monte Carlo user and is signed-in to Monte Carlo at the time of approval (or performed sign-in as part of the approval flow).

It could be simpler to have the Github account owner perform all the installation steps instead of going through the “installation request” flow.