Troubleshooting and FAQs: Looker

Guide to troubleshooting and FAQs about the Looker integration

Looker Assets not found in Monte Carlo

The Looker API connection fetches metadata every 4 days. As a consequence, newly added Looker assets may take up to 4 days to appear in Monte Carlo.

If certain Looker assets are not visible in Monte Carlo, it is often due to a lack of permissions for the Monte Carlo user on the respective asset or folder in Looker. To confirm access, you can use the SUDO function to impersonate the Monte Carlo system user in Looker and check if the assets in question are visible.

Error integrating with Looker Git SSH

If you come across the error message Please remove the extra spaces surrounding the input when entering your Private SSH Key in the Looker connection form, we recommend using a command like pbcopy to copy the key. Alternatively, you have the option to add the Looker integration through the Monte Carlo CLI.