Insight: BI Dashboard Analytics

This is only currently available for looker dashboards

Field Definitions

DASHBOARD_ID: Unique ID given to the dashboard

DASHBOARD_FOLDER : As defined externally

DASHBOARD_NAME : As defined externally

IMPORTANCE_SCORE: A score from 0-1 expressed as a decimal based on DAYS_SINCE_LAST_ACCESS, usage frequency and age

CONSIDER_DELETING: A true/false boolean. True = LAST_ACCESSED_AT is null or >30 days AND DAYS_SINCE_CREATION is null or > 7.

DAYS_SINCE_LAST_ACCESS: ‘never accessed’ or a count of days since the last_accessed_at

LAST_ACCESSED_AT: The timestamp of last view of the dashboard.

AVG_DAILY_VIEWS_LAST_30_DAYS: The average daily views in the last 30 days


DAYS_SINCE_CREATION: Count of the days since the CREATED_TIME

CREATED_TIME: The timestamp the dashboard was created.

IS_SHARED_DASHBOARD: A true/false boolean

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