Hive SQL (beta)


This capability is in beta

Certain limitations in functionality may exist.

To connect Monte Carlo to a Hive to run data health SQL queries, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Hive cluster for Monte Carlo's data health queries using AWS EMR. Alternatively, you may use an existing cluster that you already have in your environment.
  2. Ensure that Monte Carlo's data collector has network connectivity to the cluster (VPC peering is required in most cases).
  3. Create a service account on Hive if necessary.
  4. Provide service account credentials to Monte Carlo.



  1. To complete this guide, you will need permissions to create users on Hive (if authentication is enabled).
  2. Hive version must be 2.x.

Providing account credentials to Monte Carlo

You will provide connection details for Hive (SQL) using Monte Carlo's CLI:

  1. Please follow this guide to install and configure the CLI.
  2. Please use the command montecarlo integrations add-hive to set up Hive connectivity. For reference, see help for this command below:
$ montecarlo integrations add-hive --host --port 10000 --database default --auth-mode NOSASL --help
Usage: montecarlo integrations add-hive [OPTIONS]

  Setup a Hive SQL integration. For health queries.

  --host TEXT                Hostname.  [required]
  --database TEXT            Name of database.
  --port INTEGER             HTTP port.  [default: 10000]
  --user TEXT                Username with access to hive.  [required]
  --auth-mode [SASL|NOSASL]  Hive authentication mode.  [default: SASL]
  --name TEXT                Friendly name of the warehouse which the
                             connection will belong to.
  --collector-id UUID        ID for the data collector. To disambiguate
                             accounts with multiple collectors.
  --skip-validation          Skip all connection tests. This option cannot be
                             used with 'validate-only'.
  --validate-only            Run connection tests without adding. This option
                             cannot be used with 'skip-validation'.
  --auto-yes                 Skip any interactive approval.
  --option-file FILE         Read configuration from FILE.
  --help                     Show this message and exit.