Upgrading the Collector

Occasionally, you may need to upgrade the data collector installed in your AWS account using your own AWS credentials. This is necessary when infrastructure changes are made, or in case you disabled remote upgrades by the Monte Carlo team.

To perform the upgrade:

  1. Please follow this guide to install and configure the CLI.
  2. Please use the command montecarlo collectors upgrade to upgrade. For reference, see help for this command below:


Requires CLI version 0.9.0 or greater

To upgrade run pip install -U montecarlodata

$ montecarlo collectors upgrade --help
Usage: montecarlo collectors upgrade [OPTIONS]

  Upgrade to the latest version.

  --update-infra / --no-update-infra
                       Update the collector infrastructure.
                       Otherwise, only the lambda code will be updated. 
                       [default: no-update-infra]
  --aws-profile TEXT   AWS profile. If not specified, the one in the Monte
                       Carlo CLI profile is used.

  --params TEXT        Parameters key,value pairs as JSON. If a key is not
                       specified the existing (or default) value is used. 
                       E.g. --params '{"CreateEventInfra":"True"}'

  --collector-id UUID  ID for the data collector. To disambiguate accounts
                       with multiple collectors.

  --aws-region TEXT    AWS region where the collector is deployed or intended
                       to be deployed.  [default: us-east-1]

  --option-file FILE   Read configuration from FILE.
  --help               Show this message and exit.


Updating Collector Infrastructure

By default, only the source code of the data collector AWS Lambdas will be updated. To also apply any updates to the collector infrastructure (e.g. new AWS Lambdas, permissions, etc.), pass the --update-infra option.

Consider that some Monte Carlo features are only available on latest versions of the data collector infrastructure and code.

What’s Next

Continue to learn more about advanced configurations.