Hive Metastore



To complete this guide, you will need admin credentials to your Hive metastore MySQL database.


Databricks with Hive

If you are using Databricks with an external Hive catalog, please follow the Databricks documentation. Setting up Hive as a separate integration is not necessary.

To connect Monte Carlo to a MySQL Hive metastore, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that Monte Carlo's data collector has network connectivity to the metastore (VPC peering is required in most cases).
  2. Create a service account on your MySQL metastore.
  3. Provide service account credentials in Monte Carlo's integration wizard.

Creating a service account for Monte Carlo

Please run the SQL snippet below on your MySQL metastore using your favorite SQL client to create a read-only service account for Monte Carlo:

CREATE USER 'monte_carlo'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>'; 
GRANT SELECT ON <hive_schema>.* TO 'monte_carlo'@'%';

Before using the snippet, you will need to populate the following:

  • <password>: Strong password to be used by the service account user.
  • <hive_schema>: Name of your Hive schema on the metastore database, typically hive or metastore.

Providing service account credentials to Monte Carlo

You will provide connection details for the Hive (metastore) using Monte Carlo's CLI:

  1. Please follow this guide to install and configure the CLI.
  2. Please use the command montecarlo integrations add-hive-metastore to set up metastore connectivity. For reference, see help for this command below:


On using more than one metastore with Presto

If connecting multiple hive clusters please specify the corresponding catalog name using the --catalog flag.

Otherwise, by default 'hive' is used as the name of the catalog.

$ montecarlo integrations add-hive-metastore --help
Usage: montecarlo integrations add-hive-metastore [OPTIONS]

  Setup a Hive metastore integration (MySQL). For metadata.

  --port INTEGER       HTTP port.  [default: 3306]
  --use-ssl            Use SSL to connect (using AWS RDS certificates).
  --catalog TEXT       Presto catalog name. For using multiple hive clusters
                       with Presto. Uses 'hive' if not specified.
  --name TEXT          Friendly name for the created warehouse. Name must be
  --host TEXT          Hostname.  [required]
  --user TEXT          Username with access to the database.  [required]
  --database TEXT      Name of database.  [required]
  --password TEXT      User\'s password. If you prefer a prompt (with hidden
                       input) enter -1.  [required]
  --collector-id UUID  ID for the data collector. To disambiguate accounts
                       with multiple collectors.
  --skip-validation    Skip all connection tests. This option cannot be used
                       with 'validate-only'.
  --validate-only      Run connection tests without adding. This option cannot
                       be used with 'skip-validation'.
  --auto-yes           Skip any interactive approval.
  --option-file FILE   Read configuration from FILE.
  --help               Show this message and exit.