Getting Started

Monte Carlo's Data Observability Platform is the first end-to-end solution to prevent broken data pipelines. Monte Carlo’s solution delivers the power of data observability, giving data engineering and analytics teams the ability to solve the costly problem of data downtime.

The Monte Carlo Data Observability Platform delivers:

  • End-to-end observability into all of your data assets. Monte Carlo connects to your existing data stack, providing visibility into the health of your cloud warehouses, lakes, ETL, and business intelligence tools.
  • ML-powered incident monitoring and resolution. Monte Carlo automatically learns about data environments using historical patterns and intelligently monitors for abnormal behavior, triggering alerts when pipelines break or anomalies emerge. No configuration or threshold setting required.
  • Security-first architecture that scales with your stack. Designed by security industry veterans, the platform intelligently maps your company’s data assets while at-rest without requiring the extraction of data from your environment and scalability to any data size. Monte Carlo never stores or processes your data – full stop.
  • Automated data catalog and metadata management. Real-time lineage and centralized data cataloguing provide a single pane-of-glass view that allows teams to better understand the accessibility, location, health, and ownership of their data assets, as well as adhere to strict data governance requirements.
  • No-code onboarding. Code-free implementation for out-of-the-box coverage with your existing data stack and seamless collaboration with your teammates.

What’s Next

Next, we'll go over how Monte Carlo needs to be setup to monitor your data.

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