Using the CLI


An API key is required to use the CLI

See Getting started to obtain a key

This guide explains basic usage of Monte Carlo's CLI. The CLI provides commands that will help you set up integrations programmatically.

Installing the CLI

To install, please run:

pip install -U montecarlodata

And then verify the installation using:

montecarlo --version

Setting up the CLI

To configure your CLI with your API key and other settings, please run:

montecarlo configure


Any AWS profiles or regions should be for the account the Data Collector is deployed to.

And then verify the configuration using:

montecarlo validate


To get high-level help, please run:

montecarlo --help

Similarly, you can get help for a specific set of commands:

montecarlo integrations --help

As an example, this is how you would list all active integrations:

montecarlo integrations list

We are planning to release additional documentation and reference guides to illustrate the usage of the CLI and provide additional examples.

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