Metadata Insights

Access Monte Carlo generated metadata

We offer multiple mechanisms to access the metadata Monte Carlo collects to support a range of analytical and tracking use cases. Many of our customers today access this data to define and track SLI performance, monitor data asset usage, determine the most important (or least important) data assets, and more.

The following document outlines the different options you have for accessing this data.


Customers can easily download CSV reports right from the UI. Navigate to the Dashboard tab and click to download the CSV reports.


Customers can leverage the CLI to programmatically download all CSV reports and/or upload directly to S3.

Supported schemes:

  • file:// - save insight locally.
  • s3:// - save insight to S3.

Follow this guide to install and configure the CLI. For reference, see help for these commands:


These commands will overwrite a file if it exists in the path and create any missing directories or prefixes.

$ montecarlo insights
Usage: montecarlo insights [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Aggregated insights on your tables.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  get-cleanup-suggestions    Get cleanup suggestions insight.
  get-coverage-overview      Get coverage overview (monitors) insight.
  get-deteriorating-queries  Get deteriorating queries insight.
  get-events                 Get events insight.
  get-incident-queries       Get incident query changes insight.
  get-key-assets             Get key assets insight.
  get-rule-results           Get rule and SLI results insight.
  get-table-activity         Get table read/write activity insight.
  list                       List insights details and availability.
# Save an insight locally to a directory called 'mc_data' with filename 'assets.csv'
$ montecarlo insights get-key-assets file://mc_data/assets.csv

# Save an insight to S3 bucket called 'bucket' with key 'mc_data/alerts.csv'
$ montecarlo insights get-events s3://bucket/mc_data/alerts.csv

# List all insights details and availability
$ montecarlo insights list

Snowflake Data Marketplace

Customers with Snowflake data warehouses located in us-east-1 can request access to a subset of the Insight reports directly from their Snowflake environment. Reach out to your CSM to learn more about this feature.

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