Troubleshooting and FAQs: Tableau

Guide to troubleshooting and FAQs about the Tableau integration

Enable Metadata API

You must enable Tableau's metadata API in order for this integration to work. Please see the Tableau docs here on how to enable. Once this endpoint is enabled, it may take anywhere from a day to a week to populate all of your data into the API store. For further questions on the metadata API and how Tableau creates its store, please reach out to your Tableau representative.

Tableau Cloud Quarterly Server Maintenance

During Tableau's quarterly server upgrades, you may receive Monte Carlo validation emails with errors like BACKFILL RUNNING or Still creating the Metadata API Store. Results from the query might be incomplete at this time. This situation is temporary and once Tableau completes its server upgrade, Monte Carlo will resume normal collection operations within approximately 12 hours.

Error signing in to Tableau Server (10089)

The error code "401001 Signin Error" with the detail "Error signing in to Tableau Server (10089)" typically indicates a problem related to a missing connected app on Tableau Server (CONNECTED_APP_NOT_FOUND). This issue can often be traced back to a missing or incorrect Site Name setting in Monte Carlo.

To resolve, ensure that the Site Name is correctly configured in your Tableau integration settings in Monte Carlo. An incorrect or missing Site Name can prevent proper authentication and connection to Tableau Server.
Refer to Tableau's documentation on Connected Apps.

SSL Certificate Failure

If you are deploying your Tableau server with an SSL certificate, by default Monte Carlo will attempt to verify that. This can cause failures like unable to get local issuer certificate when trying to integrate to Monte Carlo.

To solve, please integrate Tableau to Monte Carlo using the API or CLI which will allow you to bypass this verification:

  1. Download and get set up with the CLI: Using the CLI
  2. Run montecarlo integrations add-tableau making sure to include the --no-verify-ssl flag:

This should allow you to successfully onboard Tableau!