Insight: Misconfigured Monitors

Field Definitions

FULL_TABLE_ID : A concatenation of project, dataset and table name

PROJECT_NAME : As defined externally

DATASET_NAME : As defined externally (e.g. a schema in snowflake)

TABLE_NAME: As defined externally

TABLE_TYPE : Field values: table, view, external, wildcard_table

CREATED_ON: The timestamp of when the monitor was created

MONITOR_UUID: Unique identifier given to the monitor

MONITOR_TYPE: Field health/dimension tracking

AGG_TYPE: The aggregation, daily/hourly.

MONITOR_STATUS: The status of the monitor.

SUGGESTION: Our suggestion on how to reconfigure the monitor or delete it.

LAST_MODIFIED_BY: The user who last made changes to the monitor

MONITOR_URL: A link to the monitor in the app

DOMAINS: As created by the user in the UI.


Exceptions to the report:

Monitors with one of the following statuses will not be included in the Misconfigured Monitor report: Effective Monitor, Warming Up, Monitor is Paused or No Data