MySQL (beta)

Connection overview. Requires: CLI v0.51.0 and Data Collector v14147 or newer

Integrating Monte Carlo with MySQL allows you to monitor your data assets through custom SQL monitors, which can be created in either the UI wizard and/or programmatically via monitors as code (API/SDK too). These monitors can be used to generate notifications (incidents) to relevant stakeholders and circuit break pipelines.

Integration Setup

To connect Monte Carlo to a MySQL database, follow these steps:

  1. Enable network connectivity between the database and Monte Carlo's data collector.
  2. Create a read-only service account with the appropriate permissions on your database.
  3. Provide service account credentials to Monte Carlo (requires Using the CLI).

1. Enable network connectivity

Follow the Network Connectivity guide to IP Allowlist or VPC peer to provide access to MySQL.

2. Create a read-only service account



To create a service account, you will need admin credentials to your MySQL database.

Please run the SQL snippet below on your MySQL database to create a read-only service account for Monte Carlo


Grant access to all tables and views. Repeat for all relevant schemas (databases).
Select permissions are necessary to create custom SQL monitors. 


3. Provide service account credentials to Monte Carlo

  1. Please follow this guide to install and configure the CLI.
  2. Please use the command montecarlo integrations add-mysql to connect. For reference, see help here.
montecarlo integrations add-mysql \
	--name artemis-dev \
	--host \
	--user montecarlo \
	--password -1

Monitor Support

Below are the supported monitors for the MySQL Integration today. Please reach out to your Monte Carlo representative if you have requirements for additional Monitors.

CategoryMonitor TypeSupport
Automated Anomaly DetectionFreshness
Automated Anomaly DetectionVolume
Automated MonitoringSchema Changes
Opt-in MonitorSQL Ruleβœ…
Opt-in MonitorComparison Ruleβœ…
Opt-in MonitorField Quality Rule
Opt-in MonitorFreshness Rule
Opt-in MonitorVolume Rule
Opt-in MonitorField Health Monitor
Opt-in MonitorDimension Tracking
Opt-in MonitorJSON Schema Changes


What is the minimum supported version?

Monte Carlo supports MySQL 8.0 and newer.

Are cloud variants of MySQL like AWS RDS, GCP Cloud SQL, and Azure Database supported?

Yes, AWS RDS, GCP Cloud SQL, and Azure Database for MySQL are all supported.

What hosting solutions are supported?
This integration supports any instance that is reachable from the AWS cloud (e.g. AWS hosted, site-to-site VPN with AWS, publicly accessible, etc). Please see the networking docs for more detail.