Insight: Data Product Recommendations



  • In this insight we only show tables that have no downstream dependencies (BI nor other tables)
  • In this insight, we only show tables with one-or-more non-monitored (i.e. muted) upstream table

Field Definitions

RESOURCE_ID : The warehouse or BI connection

FULL_TABLE_ID : BI Report name, or table name with warehouse & schema

NODE_TYPE : Connection/integration and table type

PIPE_ID: The fully-specified ID for the asset which would be the end-node of a data product

PIPE_SCORE : An importance score for the overall pipeline, with 1 being most important and 0 being least important

NUM_OF_UPSTREAM: Total number of tables upstream of the end node

NUM_OF_UPSTREAM_MUTED: Count of tables upstream which are not-monitored, or are muted