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Monte Carlo's Assets provides users with a single pane of glass to see all of the data assets that are connected to your Monte Carlo instance. A data asset can be an external table, a table or a view.

When Monte Carlo is connected to your data sources, metadata about your data assets is collected from those sources. This metadata, along with insights derived by the Monte Carlo analytics engine, is made available in various visual formats within the Assets page of a data asset.

Please note: Assets is a Monte Carlo feature that was formerly named Catalog

Using Assets

Assets is incredibly useful for any discovery task! Whether you are troubleshooting an alert or simply looking to get more familiar with a table or data asset, Assets contains tools to address a variety of use cases, categorized below.

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  • Discovery
    • Where can I get a quick view of the most important information about a data asset?
    • Where can I view tags assigned to a data asset?
  • Monitors
    • What are we currently monitoring on this data asset?
    • What thresholds have been applied to this data asset by the automated machine learning models?
    • How have the columns and data types in this table changed over time?
  • Lineage & Query Logs
    • How are the fields in this table used upstream and downstream?
    • What queries are being run on this table?
    • What are common patterns of columns in the table?
  • Alerts
    • What alerts have occurred on this table?
    • What BI reports are connected to this table?

What’s Next

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