Muting is being deprecated

Refer to our Usage page for details on how to manage what is monitored by Monte Carlo.

When a table is muted, Monte Carlo:

  • WILL continue to collect query logs, metadata, and metrics
  • WILL continue to execute any custom monitors (though they will not generate incidents or notifications, except SQL Rules)
  • WILL continue to train our anomaly detection models, so the models are ready if ever unmuted
  • WILL NOT generate any Incidents on that table
  • WILL NOT send any notifications about that table

To mute specific datasets or tables, go to Settings > Muted Data and Filters. You have the option to fully mute the table, or mute just specific types of out-of-the-box anomalies:

  • Schema Changes
  • Unchanged Size
  • Freshness (note: this will mute only the out-of-the-box freshness anomalies, but not mute any Freshness Rules on the table)
  • Volume (note: this will mute only the out-of-the-box volume anomalies, but not mute any Volume Rules on the table)

Only when the full table is muted will incidents and notifications from custom monitors also be suppressed.

Monitors that reference a Muted table will return an "Error" status when run.