When a table is muted, Monte Carlo:

  • WILL continue to collect query logs, metadata, and metrics
  • WILL continue to execute any custom monitors (though they will not generate incidents or notifications)
  • WILL continue to train our anomaly detection models, so the models are ready if ever unmuted
  • WILL NOT generate any Incidents on that table
  • WILL NOT send any notifications about that table

To mute specific datasets or tables, go to Settings > Muted Data and Filters. You have the option to fully mute the table, or mute just specific types of out-of-the-box anomalies:

  • Schema Changes
  • Unchanged Size
  • Freshness (note: this will mute only the out-of-the-box freshness anomalies, but not mute any Freshness Rules on the table)
  • Volume (note: this will mute only the out-of-the-box volume anomalies, but not mute any Volume Rules on the table)

Only when the full table is muted will incidents and notifications from custom monitors also be suppressed.