Authenticate to Tableau and integrate views and workbooks with Monte Carlo

Tableau Version Support

Monte Carlo supports integrating with both Tableau Online and Tableau Server. Tableau Server requires version 2019.3 or later.



Admin credentials required

To complete this guide, you will need Tableau admin credentials.

This guide explains how to create a user for Monte Carlo on Tableau.

To review all steps necessary to integrate a BI tool with Monte Carlo, please see here.

There are two access options with Tableau:

  1. Service Account: This option provides Monte Carlo with a username/password user with the Site Administrator Creator role.
  2. Personal Access Token: This option provides Monte Carlo with an authentication token without requiring hard-coded credentials. Recommended if MFA is enabled or SSO is used for authentication to Tableau.

Creating a Service Account

To create a service account:

  1. Please sign in to your Tableau instance with your admin credentials.
  2. Go to the Users page, and click Add Users > Add Users by Email.
  3. Create a new user for Monte Carlo with the Site Administrator Creator role. You will need to use a real email address to activate and select a password for the account.

Please note that due to limitations in Tableau's permission structure, Monte Carlo requires the read/write role Site Administrator Creator. However, Monte Carlo uses Tableau's APIs in a read-only manner and will never modify any of your Tableau configurations.

Creating a Personal Access Token

To create a PAT:

  1. Go to "My Account Settings".
  2. Click on the "Users" tab, then in the settings pane you can make a Personal Access Token.
  3. Give your token a name and hit "Create new token". Make sure you copy the token secret because it will only be shown to you once.

Add the Tableau Integration

In the "Settings" tab of your Monte Carlo workspace, please provide the following details to validate and complete the integration.

Pick the "Tableau" BI connection:


If you are using a service user:

  • Username and Password: Please provide the credentials you chose while creating the service account.

If you are using a personal access token:

  • Token Name and Token Value: Please provide the credentials that were created while making the token.
  • Server Name and Site Name: To find out your server and site names, please visit your Tableau account in your browser, and check the URL in your browser’s address bar. For example:


Default Site

If you do not have a site name or are on the default site, you can leave "Site Name" blank.

If you are in the onboarding wizard, click on "Tableau" and follow the same instructions as above:


What’s Next

Modifying an existing Tableau connection? See: