Tableau - Connected Apps version, recommended

Authenticate to Tableau and integrate views and workbooks with Monte Carlo

Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool that provides rich visualization capabilities, both for self-serve analytics and enterprise-caliber BI platform management.

Integrate Monte Carlo with your Tableau to see the lineage and downstream impact of data incidents upon affected reports and dashboards.

Tableau Version Support

Monte Carlo supports integrating with both Tableau Online and Tableau Server. Tableau Server we recommend version 2023.3 or later.

If you are not yet on v2023.3, please use (supported, but less easily debuggable).


Data Quality Warnings

Tableau limits access to Data Quality Warnings APIs with Connected Apps. Speak with a Monte Carlo representative before using Connected Apps if intending you use Data Quality Warnings.

Setup Overview


Admin credentials required

To complete this guide, you will need Tableau admin credentials.

To review all steps necessary to integrate a BI tool with Monte Carlo, please see here.

To connect Monte Carlo to Tableau, you must first create a Connected App with Direct Trust in Tableau. Once you have completed the creation of a connected app, you can then add the integration in Monte Carlo.

Creating a Connected App with Direct Trust

To create a connected app:

  1. From the left pane, select Settings > Connected Apps.

  2. Click the New Connected App button drop-down arrow and select Direct Trust.

  3. Enter a name for the connected app and click the Create button.

  4. After the Connected App has been created, click the Generate New Secret button.

  5. Next to the connected app's name, click the actions menu and select Enable.

  6. Make note of the connected app’s ID, also known as the client ID, as well as the secret ID and value. These will be used in steps below.

Add the Tableau Integration

In the "Settings" tab of your Monte Carlo workspace, please provide the following details to validate and complete the integration.

Pick the "Tableau" BI connection:

Provide the Connected Apps credentials:

  • Username: Please provide the username/email of the Tableau user that Monte Carlo will be running as.
  • Client ID, Secret ID, and Secret Value: Please provide the Connected Apps credentials that were created in the previous steps.
  • Monte Carlo will perform a validation step to ensure that the Tableau account can be successfully accessed. If validation passes, you will be prompted to create the Tableau integration. If validation fails, please double-check that you provided the correct credential values.
  • Server Name and Site Name: To find out your server and site names, please visit your Tableau account in your browser, and check the URL in your browser’s address bar. For example:


Default Site

If you do not have a site name or are on the default site, you can leave "Site Name" blank.
If there are multiple sites associated with the Tableau user, please make sure to specify a "Site Name".

What’s Next

Modifying an existing Tableau connection? See: