Insight: Key Assets



The lookback window for this insight is 30 days (the date range for the data included).

Field Definitions

RESOURCE_TYPE: The data warehouse type

FULL_TABLE_ID: A concatenation of project, dataset and table name

PROJECT_NAME: As defined

DATASET_NAME: As defined (e.g. a schema in snowflake)

TABLE_NAME: As defined

TABLE_TYPE : Field values: table, view, external, wildcard_table.

IMPORTANCE : The level of importance based on the importance score as follows;
_ Importance_score >= 0.6 then importance 'high'
* Importance_score < 0.6 then importance 'low'

IMPORTANCE_SCORE : A score from 0-1 expressed as a decimal. See how it is calculate below.

PRC_ACTIVE_DAY: The percentage of days with > 0 queries in the last 30 days

USERS: A count of query executors (reading & writing executor)

READ_USERS: A count of unique users querying the table

WRITE_USERS: A count of unique users writing into the table

READS: number of queries successfully ran on the table

DISTINCT_READS: A count of unique queries on the table irrespective of timestamp

PRC_DISTINCT_READS: The percentage of queries that are distinct vs non distinct

AVG_READS_PER_ACTIVE_DAY: average of the queries on an active day

WRITES: A count of updates to the table

DISTINCT_WRITES: A count of unique updates to the table

PRC_DISTINCT_WRITES: The percentage of updates that are distinct vs non distinct.

AVG_WRITES_PER_ACTIVE_DAY: The average amount of updates / active days.

LAST_READ: The timestamp of the last query to the table

DAYS_SINCE_LAST_READ: A count of days since LAST_READ

LAST_WRITE: The timestamp of the last update to the table

DAYS_SINCE_LAST_WRITE: A count of the days since LAST_WRITE

DIRECT_UPSTREAM_TABLES : A count of the parent tables.

DIRECT_DOWNSTREAM_TABLES: A count of the child tables.

TOTAL_ROWS : A count of the total rows in the table

TOTAL_BYTES : A count of the total bytes in the table

ROWS_PER_DAY: The typical number rows added to the table per day.

BYTES_PER_DAY: The typical number bytes added to the table per day.

PERIODICITY: The frequency of periodic updates if relevant.

URL: A link to the table in the catalog page.

DOMAINS: As created by the user in the UI.