Generating MC monitors from dbt tests

We support generating Monte Carlo monitors based on your dbt tests in montecarlo version 0.44.0 and above. Just run the following command with the path to your dbt manifest.json (run dbt compile with the desired target if you need to generate this) and your desired output file path and it will create monitor config YAML that you can add to your Monte Carlo project:

montecarlo monitors generate-from-dbt-tests \
  --dbt-manifest /path/to/dbt/manifest.json \
  --output-path /path/to/mc_monitor_config.yml

You can also optionally specify specific types of dbt tests if you do not want to move them all into Monte Carlo. You can specify any of the standard 4 types that come with dbt (unique, not_null, accepted_values, and relationships), a custom generic test type, or the special keyword SINGULAR which matches singular dbt tests that do not otherwise have a type.

You can also specify audiences that will be applied to all the generated monitors using --label parameters (label is equivalent to audience).

montecarlo monitors generate-from-dbt-tests \
  --dbt-manifest /path/to/dbt/manifest.json \
  --output-path /path/to/mc_monitor_config.yml \
  --test-type SINGULAR \
  --test-type not_null \
  --label foo \
  --label bar


Make sure to apply the changes to your Monte Carlo project

The montecarlo monitors generate-from-dbt-tests command creates a YAML config file that will create the corresponding monitors for the dbt tests when the monitor config is applied. It does not immediately apply the config. Make sure to run the montecarlo monitors apply command described above to actually create the monitors.

The generated output will look like this, with an entry for each dbt test:

  - name: test.dbt_project.not_null_table_name_field_name
    description: test.dbt_project.not_null_table_name_field_name
    sql: |
      select field_name
      where field_name is null
      type: fixed
      start_time: '2023-03-30T17:33:52.897469+00:00'
      interval_minutes: 720
    - type: threshold
      operator: GT
      threshold_value: 0
    labels: # labels are equivalent to audiences
    - bar
    - foo