Insight: Field-level Cleanup Suggestions



We currently suggest to delete fields that:

  • Are not used in any downstream tables
  • Are not used in any BI reports
  • Are not read in any SELECT query
  • The table itself is not eligible for cleanup

Field Defintions

FULL_TABLE_ID : A concatenation of project, dataset and table name

PROJECT_NAME : As defined externally

DATASET_NAME : As defined externally(e.g. a schema in snowflake)

TABLE_NAME: As defined externally

TABLE_TYPE : Field values: table, view, external, wildcard_table

FIELD_TO_CLEANUP : A list of fields that can be removed

FIELD_TO_KEEP : A list of fields that should be kept

PERCENT_REMOVABLE : The % of fields in the table that can be deleted, the insight is sorted by this.

TABLE_IMPORTANCE_SCORE : The table importance score, the insight is sorted by this

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