Integration & Feature Lifecycles

Release Process

Monte Carlo's continuous deployment allows for rapid customer feedback and iterative deployments of new integrations, features, and bug fixes. With Monte Carlo's software-as-a-service customer updates and management are not necessary and updates are continuously released.

Notable new integrations, improvements, features, and bug fixes are detailed in the Change Log.

Release Phases


Alpha serves as a pre-release test with limited availability before wider distribution. The primary goal of the alpha phase is to confirm functionality and collect feedback from a select group of users. Participation in alpha testing is usually by invitation and is subject to pre-general-availability terms. Alpha releases may lack certain features, come without SLAs, and do not entail technical support obligations.


In the beta phase, integrations or features are made widely available for customer use. Contrary to some other software vendors, beta features are generally ready for customer production usage, are often publicly announced, and technical support is fully available. Beta features often get quicker escalation through Monte Carlo Support directly to Engineering.

As the wide variety of versions or deployment models of databases and other data tools can have minor effects on Monte Carlo's completely automated metadata collection, some integrations may stay in the beta phase until Monte Carlo has sufficient customer-usage in a variety of environments. The beta phase does not denote that these integrations are unfit for production use with Monte Carlo.

General Availability (GA)

Integrations and features in the General Availability stage are accessible to all customers and covered by SLAs where applicable.