Integrate Monte Carlo with Slack

Monte Carlo integrates directly into Slack so anomaly detections can be sent to any public channel in your workspace for quick triaging and collaboration. This guide explains how to receive slack notifications from Monte Carlo.

To Integrate a Slack Instance, you will:

  1. Within Monte Carlo, access your Settings page and navigate to the Integrations section:
  1. Select the Add Slack button:
  1. Navigate through Slack permission granting process. You may need to wait on your Slack administrator to approve the request.


If you are blocked by Slack to grant permissions, you will need to contact your Slack Admin to approve Monte Carlo as a trusted integration and grant permissions.


Why is my channel not appearing when configuring a new monitor?
Ensure the channel you intend to use is a Public channel; we cannot access Private channels. If you are still not able to find the expected channel, please reach out to [email protected]

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