Integrate Monte Carlo with Slack

Monte Carlo integrates directly into Slack so anomaly detections can be sent to any public channel in your workspace for quick triaging and collaboration. This guide explains how to receive Slack notifications from Monte Carlo.

To Integrate a Slack Instance, you will:

  1. Within Monte Carlo, access your Settings page and navigate to the Integrations section:

  1. Select the Add Slack button:

  1. Navigate through Slack permission granting process. You may need to wait on your Slack administrator to approve the request.

You can integrate multiple Slack environments to Monte Carlo by going through this process multiple times. This is common in large organizations with multiple business units, that may each use a distinct Slack workspace. If more than one Slack environment is integrated, then users will be asked to specify which integration to use when they add a Slack recipient to an audience.


If you are blocked by Slack on granting permissions, you will need to contact your Slack Admin to approve Monte Carlo as a trusted integration and grant the necessary permissions.

To create Notifications to Private Channels

  1. The Monte Carlo user must be invited to the Private channel. Type /invite @Monte Carlo in the channel to invite the Monte Carlo user.
  2. The channel's ID must be manually entered in the Private Channel ID input. The integration will NOT work if you use the slack channel name instead. To get the channel ID, right-click on the channel's name and select Open channel details from the context menu. A dialog will open and display the channel ID in the dialog's footer.

Private Channel Input

Triggering Notifications

Notifications are triggered automatically when any of the selected events are detected in your warehouse. If you'd like to send a notification to verify your Slack integration, you can click the Send Test Notification button in the Notifications settings.

Incident Timeline

Slack messages sent in reply to incident notifications in public and private Slack channels will be displayed in the Incident Timeline section of the Monte Carlo Incident IQ page.


Responding to incident messages in Slack


Viewing incident timeline events on the Incident IQ page


Why is my channel not appearing when configuring a new notification route?

  1. Ensure the channel you intend to use is a Public channel; Private channels will not show up in the list and must be entered manually (see above).
  2. If the channel is new, make sure to refresh the channel list:

If you are still not able to find the expected channel, please reach out to [email protected].

Slack App Approval

We are currently in the process of getting approved by the Slack app store! In the meantime, here is a list of the scopes needed for the app to work as expected:

On behalf of the app, Monte Carlo can:

  • Join public channels in a workspace
  • Send messages as @montecarlo
  • View people in a workspace
  • View basic information about public channels in a workspace
  • View basic information about group direct messages that Monte Carlo has been added to
  • View basic information about direct messages that Monte Carlo has been added to
  • View messages and other content in public channels that Monte Carlo has been added to
  • Add shortcuts and/or slash commands that people can use
  • View emoji reactions and their associated content in channels and conversations that Monte Carlo has been added to
  • View profile details about people in a workspace

You can view Monte Carlo's privacy policy here.