Setting up Volume SLI

Volume SLI monitors can be used to observe the size growth of one or multiple tables, and configured to trigger an incident alert when the table's size changes or remains the same.

When a Volume SLI monitor is set up, Monte Carlo will periodically collect metadata of the target table such as the number of rows or bytes, and compare it with thresholds set during the configuration. There are two types of comparisons:

  • Table size comparison: compare a table's current total size with previous size measurements.
  • Table growth comparison: compare a table's size growth with previous growth measurements.

Table size comparison

This comparison type should be selected if we want Monte Carlo to trigger an incident alert when one of the following events occurs:

  • The current total size (bytes or rows) increases to a specific volume
  • The current total size (bytes or rows) decreases to a specific volume
  • The current total size remains the same for a specific amount of time

The example graph on the left shows what will be considered an anomaly in each one of the cases listed above.


Table growth comparison

This comparison type should be chosen when we want to observe a table's growth rather than its total size.
To determine how the table's size grew, we need at least two size measurements in a given time interval.
In the wizard, we should use the field "period definition" to configure how often we want Monte Carlo to collect metadata about the table's size.

Fixed threshold

If we need to compare the table's size based only on the previous measurement, we can use the first radio button to add the threshold, that is by how many rows or bytes the table should grow to trigger an incident. With a period of 15 minutes, an example of this configuration would be "Alert me if the table's size grew by more than X rows in the last 15 minutes".


Dynamic threshold

We can also compare the table's growth over multiple measurements by selecting the second radio button. Unless we're setting the growth to be "equal to", we can optionally add a buffer to detail whether we want the size growth to be at least and/or at most a specific number of rows (or bytes) or percentage. An example of this configuration could be "Alert me if the table's size growth today is higher than the average of the past 5 days by more than 1,000 rows". The screenshot below shows what this example looks like in the form.


Legacy Volume SLIs


Volume SLI is a feature that has been revamped in July 2022. The revamping included changes to how Volume SLIs are defined as well as to data collection and scheduling. Previous Volume SLIs do not fit the new definition but are still functional, we'll refer to them as Legacy Volume SLIs.

Legacy Volume SLIs are monitors that had a "Relative" Volume breach threshold. Even though legacy monitors are still visible in the UI, it is no longer possible to apply changes to these monitors. We encourage customers to manually migrate these monitors by creating new Volume SLIs based on the same goals.


On legacy Volume SLIs we display a banner on top to indicate that they should be migrated manually