Unity Catalog

Alpha / early access



To complete this guide, you will need admin rights in your Databricks workspace.

To connect Monte Carlo to the Databricks Unity Catalog (UC), follow these steps:

  1. Create a cluster in your Databricks workspace.
  2. Create an API key in your Databricks workspace.
  3. Provide service account credentials to Monte Carlo.

Create a Databricks cluster


Monte Carlo requires a Databricks runtime version with Spark >= 3.0, and at least one worker.


Are you also using an external metastore?

If you are using the built-in (i.e. central) Databricks Hive metastore this is automatically supported when you provision a UC cluster. If you want to use UC with either the Glue Catalog or an external hive metastore instead please follow the guides below for additional cluster requirements:

  1. Follow these steps to create an UC compatible all-purpose cluster in your workspace. For environments with 10,000 tables or fewer Monte Carlo recommends using an i3.2xlarge node type. Otherwise please reach out to your account representative for help right-sizing.

  2. Follow this guide to retrieve the cluster ID and start the cluster.


Cluster creation wizard example