Insight: Dimension Tracking Suggestions

Field Definitions

FULL_TABLE_ID: A concatenation of project, dataset and table name

PROJECT_NAME : As defined externally

DATASET_NAME : As defined externally (e.g. a schema in snowflake)

TABLE_NAME: As defined externally

TABLE_TYPE : Field values: table, view, external, wildcard_table .

FIELD: The name of the field

TYPE: The field type

TABLE_IMPORTANCE_SCORE : A score from 0-1 expressed as a decimal, this is score is based off number of reads, number of users (query executors), degree connectivity (i.e., table’s # of parent/child tables), update periodicity and age & freshness.

FIELD_SCORE: The field importance score based on field names NLP. Field values: High / medium

DOMAINS: As created by the user in the UI.