Unchanged Size Detector

Monte Carlo’s unchanged size detector looks at the times and time intervals between size updates to your tables. Volume data arrives from the warehouse/lake metadata and the detector alerts you when a table did not change in size for a period which is unusually long. This detector will also alert if the amount of data coming in is abnormally small (under 0.1% of the median update size).

Part of our time-series preprocessing includes classification into several categories such as: ETL / non-ETL updated tables, weekend patterned tables, and uni / multi-modal update patterns.

Our models take into account a 6 week moving window of training data, removes outliers based on the number of samples and calculates features from the time-series which are then used together with the pre-processing features into deciding the alert threshold for the table.

In order to achieve faster model updating based on the patterns we see our unchanged size model is re-trained with new data every 6H as well as performs a state-change detection analysis in order to find if there was a change in the update pattern. If we find such a change all the above described features are calculated only for the last 2 weeks of the training window.

Fine Tuning the Models

On the Asset page, you can change the model's sensitivity by clicking View Details, followed by the Edit threshold sensitivity button. This change will either increase or decrease the confidence interval. By default, all thresholds are set to Medium sensitivity. Learn more about sensitivity here.